Withdraw remarks, YSRCP asks TDP Whip

Nov 11: Demanding an unqualified apology from TDP Whip Chintamaneni Prabhakar
for his uncharitable remarks during a Janmabhoomi programme at Madepalli
village where pension cards were distributed, YSR Congress has said the State
has been showing discrimination in implementing the welfare schemes and
converting Government functions into a Party programmme. 

“The TDP
MLA has said: enjoy shamelessly the pensions and worship Chandrababu Naidu by
garlanding his photo in your house while giving the cards during Janmbhoomi
programme which is highly objectionable. He should apologise and the Party
should suspend him if he was speaking in his individual capacity and clarify if
what he spoke was the party line,” YSR Congress spokesperson U Kalpana told
reporters here on Tuesday.

Janmabhoomi programme has been converted into Party programme and welfare
schemes are doled out only to and by TDP workers. Village Committees are formed
to scrutinize the beneficiaries for pensions and ration cards for which the
consent of the local sarpach is a must. If the sarpanch belongs to YSRCP, the
local TDP leaders are ignoring the elected representatives of local bodies and
are directly finalizing the list of beneficiaries which is against the spirit
of democracy, she said.

YSR has
implemented welfare schemes looking beyond party affiliations and all sections
of people were benefitted but TDP is following the principle of only favouring
its cadre and sidelining YSRCP sympathizers.

The so
called committees have weeded out over 10 lakhs pension and 23 lakh ration
cards on party lines and the distribution of pension and ration cards during
Janmabhoomi programmes is nothing but a Party programme as leaders of
opposition party are being ignored. The TDP MLA’s remarks are highly
objectionable and we demand an apology she said.

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