Why hasn't Chandrababu directly questioned Modi on the issue of SCS?

New Delhi: Former YSR Congress Party MP YV Subba Reddy remarked that TDP-BJP combine were staging new dramas for the sake of votes. Speaking to media persons here today outside the Parliament house, he said admitting of no-confidence motion placed by TDP was a clear example of the two political parties indulging in "match-fixing."

Former YSRCP MP said though YSRCP had moved a no-confidence motion 13 times, it was never admitted. After YSRCP MPs had resigned, the Lok Sabha Speaker had admitted no-trust motion placed by TDP. The motion placed by YSRCP with the support of over 50 MPs was not considered, while today on the very first day it was admitted, he said.

YV Subba Reddy said that all these developments had taken place just because of the secret deal between the two political parties. "Why hasn't Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu directly questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of SCS to AP?  Over the four years never did the TDP question the Centre about SCS," he said.

He said that without fulfilling the promises made in AP Reorganisation Act, both the parties were cheating the five crore people of AP. Today's developments in Lok Sabha were all pre-meditated acts of TDP-BJP. The five YSRCP MPs fought for SCS to AP with complete sincerity, sat on an indefinite fast and even resigned their posts. It was only due to the protests by YSRCP that the entire country came to know about SCS issue, he added.

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