Why did YSRCP MLAs walk out?

Hyderbad: Leader of opposition stated that YSRCP MLAs had walked out protesting against the Government’s lies prior to elections and their escaping from keeping the promises of loan waiver, thereby causing the farmers’ suicides. YS Jagan spoke on agriculture minister Prathipati Pullarao’s not answering the questions he had faced regarding the waiver of loans of farmers.

 He remarked that the minister’s answers were astonishing and that this sort of a Government was nowhere else to be seen in the country. He recollected the repeated promises made by the Government regarding loan waiver in view of bagging the farmers’ votes. All the channels of the TV and the pamphlets stuck on the walls of villages kept repeating that Babu had to become the CM in order for the loans to be cancelled and for the gold to come back home.

 It had been told that the farmers’ loans amounted to Rs.87,612 crore when Chandrababu came to power. Listening to the repeated assurances by TDP leaders, the farmers did not pay their debts. Till then, the rate of interest on amount less than Rs.1 lakh was zero and that for amount Rs.1 lakh to Rs.3 lakh was 0.25%. But due to Chandrababu’s assurance, farmers stopped paying their debts. This resulted in imposition of penalty interest of 14-18%. With this the amount of interest to be paid increased to Rs.24,000 crore. Of this, Chandrababu’s 2-shift loan waiver amounted to only Rs.7300 crore. By giving one-third of the interest money, how could Babu announce he waived the loan, questioned YS Jagan. He mentioned the news that came in the media saying Babu’s relative himself did not have loan waiver. YS Jagan recollected that his relative had exclaimed that they believed Babu and voted for him but now regretted.

 At this point, speaker Kodela Sivaprasad intervened and sent message that he would not allow any more talking. Then YS Jagan expressed objection to this. He announced they were going to walk out and requested to allow him to announce why because at least the speaker had to know the reason. He then declared that they were protesting against the Government for breaking all the promises the ruling party had made prior to elections, including waiver of loans, thereby resulting in suicide of farmers, hence they were walking out. YSRCP members followed as the YSRCP president and leader of opposition walked out.

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