Why Can't We Call It A Demonic Rule?

  • Why can't we call one who cheats, a cheat?
  • Babu considers agriculture useless
  • Babu's helicopter tour who was set up after knowing about the opposition leader's visit
  • YSRCP senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana

  • Guntur: YSRCP's senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana questioned why the CM who did not care about the promises he had made to people should not be called a demonic CM. He demanded to know from the TDP leaders what else could Chandrababu be called after deceiving all classes of people in the state.

    Botsa examined the flood affected areas of Kakumanu Mandal in Guntur district on Thursday. He examined the crop fields damaged by floods, offering losses to the farmers. Later, speaking in a media conference, he mentioned how the heavy rains in the state for the last 10 days had caused heavy loss of lives, assets and crop fields. He reminded that major loss had been suffered by Guntur District and the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan had visited and consoled the farmers who had suffered losses due to floods. He demanded that the government should pay compensation to the farmers affected by floods.

    Botsa criticised Chandrababu's Government for not taking enough safety measures in spite of the environment department's repeatedly warning about heavy rains. The CM did not take up any assistance measures in the state until the leader of opposition insisted. He also hastily planned his visit in the flood areas by helicopter after knowing that the leader of opposition YS Jagan would tour in the areas. He slammed Chandrababu for looking for political benefits instead of coming to the aid of the farmers and the people affected by floods. He condemned not discussing the the losses due to floods in the collectors' conference that was conducted for 2 days. He stressed that the Government was responsible for assisting Guntur district that had suffered major loss.

    Botsa criticized Chandrababu for boasting about 12% increase of GDP wild people of the state was suffering due to drought. He suggested that Babu's boasting should leave farmers' agony alone. He questioned the justification behind instructing banks not to offer loans beyond scale of finance in the bankers' meeting and later exclaiming that the banks were not offering loans. He confronted how the farmers could get new loans if their old loans were not waived. He demanded the Government to clear the sand deposits caused by overflow of canals. He suggested that this work could be used for Employment Guarantee scheme.

    Botsa demanded for estimation of crop loss and loss of assets buy local officials and people's representatives. He suggested Chandrababu to stop counterattacking the opposition without properly understanding their intention. Slamming TDP leaders' ideology that agriculture was a waste of time, he suggested to Babu not to use this situation to perform corruption in the mask of input subsidy and compensation payment.

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