What is the reason behind ‘Five Days’ Babu?

Monsoon Sessions of Assembly are started. The YSRCP raised the question about
the duration of sessions in BAC meeting. YSRCP demands for 15days period to
discuss various public issues. But Government is not ready for detailed
discussion. Finally, the duration is fixed for five days only.

But, there seems to be some intriguing reason behind
Governments decision to conduct the sessions only for five days. The Government
took this decision only with fear of facing the opposition. On one hand the YSRCP
is all set to question strongly on public issues, whereas on the other hand
Chandrababu is trying to escape from this situation by squeezing the sessions.

Chandrababu planned this upfront because if the
sessions were conducted for few more days the opposition might press for debate
on public issues. He is trying to escape this situation by conducting the
sessions for five days as a mere formality. Chandrababu not only failed in
implementing the promises made to the people but also trying to deceive the
public with delusive statements and is ruining the state by driving it into
financial crisis.

The Yellow party which is in severe
crisis due to corruption & dishonesty cases and Anti-People policies is now
stuck with ‘Jagan Fever’. The Babu & Co is now in severe tension, unable to
conclude how to face the YSR Congress Party, as the opposition party is all set
to strongly confront & question them in the coming up Assembly Sessions.

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