What Have The CM And His Ministers Done For The Capital City?

* Attempts to snatch the farmers' lands under the mask of capital city
* Farmers express their fury towards CRDA officials
* Looting poor farmers and filling foreign pockets
* Farmers demand to know what the CM and his ministers had done for the capital city

Mangalagiri (Guntur): The Government is resorting to vengeful behaviour towards the farmers of the capital area who have not given away their lands for the city construction. The farmers of Undavalli and Penumaka villages gave a big shock to the Government that had tried to snatch their lands under the mask of the capital. CRDA had to face friction on its way to land acquisition.

A meeting was held at Penumaka village of Tadepalli mandal in Guntur district for studying the capital city land acquisition and its social influence. The district CRDA Deputy Collector Srinivasa Rao and Penumaka CRDA Deputy Collector Radha Krishna attended the meeting. None of the villagers were given information about the meeting. About seventy farmers who came to know about the meeting at 11am reached the venue to question the CRDA officials.

The farmers sternly questioned the officials what CM Chandrababu and Minister Narayana had given to the capital before asking them to give away their lands. They demanded to know what kind of justice it was to ask them to sacrifice their lands while the leaders saved their own lands and assets. The expressed their agony by saying that the CM and the ministers were busy snatching their lands, passing them to the hands of foreign organisations and pocketing as much money as they could.

The CRDA officials were shocked by this sudden turn of circumstances and stated that they had only come to introduce to them the survey organisation EPTR and request them to co-operate with it. They requested the villagers to express their opinions when the representatives came to their houses. When they asked the farmers to sign on a document saying that the meeting had happened, the farmers collectively denied to do so, leaving the officials and the EPTR representatives no option but to postpone the meeting.

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