What Has Happened To The Boiling Blood?!

  • The state was sold for selfishness
  • Chandrababu has to apologise to the people of the state
  • People are unfortunate to have Babu as CM
  • YS Jagan's chit chat with the media

Hyderabad: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan slammed Chandrababu for selling the state's hopes for his selfish benefits. He demanded Chandrababu to take back his statements welcoming Jaitley's announcement and to apologise to the people of AP. He also demanded that Babu's ministers should resign from the union cabinet and TDP had to withdraw its support to BJP to bring pressure on the centre. He chitchatted with the media after the assembly was adjourned to the next day.

YS Jagan questioned what had happened to the boiling blood Chandrababu had mentioned earlier when the centre had announced there would be no sanction of special category status. He criticised that Chandrababu's ministers sat just beside Arun Jaitley when he made the announcement. He remarked that Babu had mortgaged the feelings of 5 crore people in order to get out of Cash for Vote case. He commented that Babu had watered down the issue of special status according to a premeditated plot. Remarking that the people of AP were unfortunate to have Chandrababu as the CM of the state, YS Jagan cautioned that he might be left with no place in the history of the state if he continued this behaviour.
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