What about inquiry on land scams?

  • Father sanctions and son collects
  • Babu’s residence is an illegal construction
  • Will you or will you not order for inquiry on capital land scam?
  • We are not against the capital. We are against the corruption and land scams.
  • Botsa challenges Babu
  •  Hyderabad: YSRCP Botsa Satyanarayana demanded CM Chandrababu to issue orders for inquiry on the land scams of the capital city. He questioned Babu what he said while taking oath on the constitution. He reminded that it was in the oath that he would function irrespective all kinds of emotions and would not directly or indirectly reveal any classified information to anybody. He questioned Babu how he and his ministers had revealed the information regarding the location of the new capital city to his coterie, enabling them to deceive hundreds of innocent farmers and buying their lands for extremely low prices. He also mentioned that buying assigned lands was illegal. He also slammed Babu by asking him if his Quid Pro Quo with Lingamaneni was not true.

    Botsa criticized about Chandrababu and Lokesh that the father was sanctioning and the son was collecting. He specified that YSRCP leaders were not against the capital city or its location but that their aim was to fight against all the corruption going on there with the name of the city construction. He added that they were demanding proper inquiry of the scams. He commented that there was not yet a proper response from the Government regarding this. He mentioned that everybody in state knew who Vemuri Ravi Kumar was. He added that Chandrababu gave him a crucial position in the IT department only because he was a close ally of Lokesh. He stated that they also bought lands in his name.

    The accusation was that the lands were bought before the announcement of the capital city. Chandrababu has been saying that 500 acres of land was bought for Rs. 50 crore and Rs.650 crore money was earned. He was questioning what was wrong in his, his wife’s and his relatives’ buying lands if they afforded. “Buying lands there and doing business or cultivation is not wrong. But how was it possible for a person close to your son living abroad to buy lands right there? If he bought lands in Visakhapatnam, it could be understood that it was for real estate business. But why the purchase happened only in this area has no answer” exclaimed Botsa Satyanarayana.

    Botsa also criticized rejection of Sivarama Krishnan committee and bringing an inexperienced Narayana to appoint him as the chairman of the land acquisition committee. He stated that 17 acres of land has been bought with the name of Prameela, an employee of Narayana institutions in Karnataka and 29 acres land has been bought under the name of his brother-in-law Sambasiva Rao. Upon being questioned regarding this sort of land mafia, Babu had not answered and moreover went on to question what was wrong in it, commented Botsa. Ravela Kishore Babu’s wife Santhi Jyothi bought assigned lands while buying and selling of assigned lands was illegal. Botsa questioned Babu if it was not his responsibility to stop ministers from performing this sort of illegal deal.

     Chandrababu said that Dhulipalla Narendra had bought lands as it was his neighbouring village. Babu himselh had stated that they were all wastelends (poramboku lands) and that 3 acres were registered nad agreement was done for 50 acres. Botsa questioned Babu how anybody could buy wastelands or get them registered. He also added that land purchase by another minister Prathipati Pullarao also was not explained. Chandrababu stated that only 500 transactions happened and it was not even 400 acres all together. Botsa asked why the stamps and registrations department would block its website if this was all true. He suggested Babu that lying on a festival day like this would punish him and demanded that he was to be answerable about the whole issue. Botsa cautioned Babu that the people would not be satisfied with any untrue answers.

    Botsa also mentioned that Lingamaneni estate on Krishna river bed (karakatta) was an illegal construction. He demanded to know why it was remodeled with Government’s funds and why Babu was living in it. He slammed Chandrababu for living in an illegal property, being in the position of a CM. He recollected how they faced inquiry during YSR’s tenure and questioned Chandrababu why such a inquiry was not commissioned till now. He declared that the TDP itself had to write to the centre asking for inquiry on land scam and he suggested that BJP also demanded for it.

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