We will Fight against Babu’s Government Standing among the People

Tirupathi: YSR Congress
Party’s MLAs Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy and Sunil complained that democracy was
being butchered in the assembly. Speaking in Tirupathi, they expressed their
displeasure by saying that they were not able to mention the people’s problems
in the assembly as the voice of the opposition party was being suppressed by
the ruling party. They added that Chandrababu was doing this intentionally.

The MLAs slammed the way MLA Roja’s issue
was handled by the Government. They commented that this had to be considered as
an insult to all the women of AP. They confided that they would go into the
people under the leadership of their president YS Jagan in view of working for
the people’s well-being and that they would fight against the atrocities of Chandrababu’s

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