We will confront TDP leader’s cruel deeds in Assembly

Vijayawada: The YSRCP MLA Uppaleti Kalpana, ZP Floor Leader Padmavati demanded that CBCID investigation should be assigned on Call Money Sex Scandal incident. As the TDP leader’s involvement is clearly evident in the scandal, Chandrababu must answer this, demanded Uppaleti Kalpana. She said that the cruel deeds of TDP in the veil of finance business will be seriously confronted and questioned in the Assembly.

With the support of the ruling party, since five years this call money dark business was taking place and till now police have filed cases on seven people. The pressure on the police is mounting to spare the three TDP MLA’s, two MLC’s and some more TDP leaders who were directly involved in this scandal. The peoples unions, women organizations and opposition parties said that these TDP people have spoiled the lives of innocent women taking advantage of their financial troubles and demanded to punish the convicts severely.

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