We will be with you……don’t commit suicides

Kadapa: “Fearing to the problems, do not commit suicides. Anything has to be accomplished only by living, we will be with you!” the YSRCP Chief & AP Assembly Opposition Leader Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy assured the farmers. He paid condolences to the families of three farmers who committed suicides and the families of other farmers who passed away recently while undergoing treatment for ill health. 

As part of the second day ‘Rythu Bharosa Yatra’ in the District, he travelled in Pulivendula Constituency. He paid condolences to the families of farmers who committed suicide by visiting Farmer Gangadhar’s house in Bonal in Lingala Mandal, Farmer Nagabushanam Sreshti’s house in Kamasamudram Village, Farmer K.Ramachandra Reddy’s house in R.Tummalapalli Village. He spoke to Gangaraju, Ex-Sarpanch Narayana Reddy, Single-window President Venkat Narayana Reddy, Sarpanch Anasuyamma by paying a courtesy visit to their houses. He also spoke to YSRCP Leaders Bhaskar Reddy, Harinath, Parameshwara, Ravindra, Kateswara, Venkatnarayana Reddy, Bheemudu and others in Ankevanipalli, Lingala Mandal by paying a courtesy visit to their houses. 

Maintain water up to Ringbund level….

The Kamasamudram Villagers requested Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy to speak to the authorities to maintain water up to the Ring Bund level in Kamasamudram Lake. The villagers explained “for the drinking water needs of Pulivendula Muncipality people water from Chitravati Reservoir was pumped to Kamasamudram Lake but that water is moved to SS Tanks using pump motors without maintaining minimum level due to which the lake which was supposed to provide water for 5000 acres for cultivation was getting dried out every year, if the minimum level was maintained the ground water table of the bore wells in the nearby farm lands may increase”. 

Blessings to the newly wed couples..
Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy blessed the recently married couple’s of Santakovvuru Village in Tondur Mandal belonging to EX-MPP Muni Reddy and mandal convenor  Ramamuni Reddy’s brother’s son Balamuni Reddy & Varalakshmi Devi and also blessed EX-MPP Ganga Neelavati’s daughter Devi & Nagesh.
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