We Shall Fight Till The Railway Zone Is Accomplished

  • Gudiwada
    Amarnath’s indefinite strike commences
    senior leaders begin the strike
  • Political
    parties and various people’s organizations support the cause

Visakhapatnam: YSR Congress Party senior leader and ex.minister
Botsa Satyanarayana called for united fight in view of attaining the special
railway zone for Visakhapatnam. As no proper response was received from the
central Government regarding the special railway zone, YSRCP district president
of Visakhapatnam, Gudiwada Amarnath took up indefinite hunger strike on
Thursday. Party senior leaders Botsa Satyanarayana and Ambati Rambabu initiated
the strike on the occasion of 125th birth anniversary of the principal
architect of the Constitution of India
Dr.BR Ambedkar.

Party leaders Botsa
Satyanarayana, Ambati Rambabu and Gudiwada Amarnath decorated the statue of
Dr.Ambedkar at Daba Gardens of Visakhapatnam with flower garlands at 11 am and
paid homage to him. Then Amarnath began indefinite hunger strike at the camp
set up near the statue of Mahatma Gandhi opposite GVMC.

of the Government should be fought against

With the slogan of “Visakha
Ukku Andhrula Hakku” (Visakha’s steel is the right of the people of Andhra),
the people of Andhra had fought and achieved the steel plant, stated Botsa
Satyanarayana. With the same level of determination, it was time for raising
slogans for the accomplishment of special railway zone, he said. Botsa remarked
that the railway zone was not only a long-time dream but also the ray of hope
for the people of North Andhra region. He proclaimed that the injustice of the
leaders of the Government in suppressing the promise mentioned in the
bifurcation law for two years must be defeated with united movement.

reminded that the people of the area had been awaiting the railway zone for five
decades. Botsa also explained that the leader of opposition and YSRCP president
YS Jagan had submitted memorandums in multiple occasions to the leaders in
Delhi, requesting for special railway zone for Visakhapatnam. He slammed the
state and the central Governments for ignoring the promises of railway zone
mentioned in bifurcation law for two years. Amarnath had taken up the
indefinite hunger strike with view of the state’s benefit and not because of selfishness
and political self-benefit, Botsa mentioned. He appealed for support from all
classes of people irrespective of parties.

Jagan encouraged the strike: Ambati Rambabu

official spokesman Ambati Rambabu informed that YSRCP president YS Jagan had
encouraged and extended his relentless support when YSRCP leader Gudiwada
Amarnath had come forward with the intention of doing indefinite strike for
achievement of Visakha railway zone. He added that YS Jagan had suggested that
he went forward gathering the support of all the political parties and all the
social classes. He expressed his displeasure towards the lack of support from
TDP and BJP Governments for this movement.

stated that everybody had felt sad at the time of bifurcation. He mentioned
that the Telugu state had been divided into two for the selfishness of certain
people. When some people had expressed concern about the people of Andhra
facing loss due to the bifurcation, it was promised that Polavaram project would
be built by the centre to compensate the loss up to some extent. Ambati also
reminded that the bifurcation law mentioned grant of special railway zone for
Visakhapatnam. He also added that Chandrababu Naidu and Narendra Modi had done
the same promise yet again at the time of elections in 2014and earned votes.

commented that the leaders who had promised the railway zone’s sanction within
6 months of getting into power, had been ignoring it even after two years of
completion of tenure. Upon YSRCP’s demands, TDP Government had bluffed that the
zone would soon be sanctioned but nothing was done in reality, he complained.
Ambati commented that TDP did not dare to bring pressure on its ally BJP. He specified
that Babu was scared of being exposed in the cases of ‘note for vote’ scam and
other corruptive scams.

mentioned that Gudiwada Amarnath had started the strike with a hope that Visakhapatnam
railway zone would aid in the development of the state. He criticised the
ruling party leaders for passing unfair comments and asking why a strike was
not being done for Vijayawada’s special railway zone. He reminded that
Vijayawada’s railway zone was never in picture but Visakhapatnam’s was. He
called for the same intensity of fight from the people of Visakhapatnam as at
the time of ‘Visakha ukku-Andhrula hakku’ movement and stated that this time
the slogan would be ‘Prathyeka zone Visakha hakku’ (Special zone is
Visakhapatnam’s right). Ambati confided that this was only the beginning of the
fierce fight yet to continue. He demanded that the Government came down at
least now and accept the request for the railway zone.

conveners Tainala Vijay Kumar, Kola Guruvulu, CEC member Dama Subbarao, Satti
Ramakrishna Reddy, party’s official spokesman Koyya Prasada Reddy, party’s
state general secretaries John Waisley, Hanoc, Ravireddy, Sivarama Krishnaiah
and others participated in this event.

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