Water Resource Department Became Babu's Money Resource Department

Vijayawada: YSRCP’s official spokesman K.Parthasarathy complained that
Chandrababu’s Government had been working to fill its own pockets rather than
for the welfare of the people. He reminded that crores of rupees had been
swallowed in the name of Pattiseema scheme while promising that Polavaram
project would be completed by 2018. He commented that people’s money had been
wasted on Pattiseema in spite of chance to bring water to Krishna delta with

Speaking to the media
at Vijayawada, Parthasarathy exclaimed that Chandrababu was more bothered about
collecting his shares from projects rather than about people’s development. The
Government was boasting about completing Pattiseema scheme in spite of
opposition parties’ resistance and Krishna and Godavari rivers were said to be
being integrated for the third time. He questioned how many times would 2
rivers integrate. He remarked that there was no relation between the Government’s
expenditure and the benefit Krishna delta was getting.

Parthasarathy opined
that Chandrababu was trying to totally cease Polavaram project. He stated that
another lift irrigation on the left canal was being planned to be constructed
for Polavaram project. 25 TMC water was being tried to be taken to North Andhra
region with the help of 12 motors. He mentioned that Polavaram was the life of
Krishna and Godavari deltas as well as North Andhra. He explained that Babu was
trying to swallow Rs.400 crore more money by not offering Polavaram project to
the centre for construction. He cautioned that upstream states might question
Babu what was the need for Polavaram project when left canal and Pattiseema
were already there.

Agreement in the dark with Telangana

After being caught in
Note for Vote case in Telangana, Chandrababu had to enter into dark agreement
with KCR’s Government, Parthasarathy remarked. Palamuru-Rangareddy and Dindi
projects were part of the agreement made in the dark, he opined. If the
projects were completed, Krisha waters would no longer be available in AP. That
was why Chandrababu was so hasty about the lift irrigation scheme,
Parthasarathy mentioned.

Water resource department changed to Babu’s money
resource department

Water resources
department’s activities were now pretty much to fill the pockets of
Chandrababu, commented Parthasarathy. Rs.8 crore worth work was taken up for
lighting at Prakasam barrage without any permissions from administration, he
revealed. Rs.100 crore was sanctioned for emergency work at Durga ghat against
regulations in light of upcoming pushkarams, he added. He slammed the way the
work was being done without even calling for nominations.

He complained that the
CM’s son Lokesh and irrigation minister Devineni Uma had together planned to
loot people’s money through such activities. He stated that the irrigation department
was doing nothing for the benefit of the farmers. He demanded for Polavaram
work to be completed by 2018 and immediate withdrawal of lift irrigation scheme.


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