Vijayamma’s remarks misinterpreted: Gattu

Congress party charged the PTI reporter of grossly misinterpreting and wrongly
attributing the party honourary president Smt. YS Vijayamma’s remarks about
future prospect of an electoral alliance to a question on merger with Congress.

a media conference at the party central office in Hyderabad Sunday, party
spokesperson Gattu Ramachandra Rao said that Vijayamma in an interview to the
reporter during her Fee Deeksha had clearly stated the party’s principal stand
of not aligning with any party having communal background. “She then added that
only future would decide future alliances,” explained Gattu.

Gattu said, the reporter has misinterpreted Vijayamma’s remarks and linked it
to his earlier part of the question and went on reporting that Vijayamma has
not ruled out the possibility of merger with Congress party, obviously, to
sensationalize his interview.

praising the integrity and trustworthiness of the news agency, objected to the
way the reporter had tweaked the facts so as to suit his narration and thereby
maligning the party’s image.

wondered why certain TV channels are repeatedly highlighting the same issue
though Vijayamma herself has issued a denial on the same day to clear the air.
The YSR Congress party too has refuted the merger rumor in no uncertain
terms,  stated Gattu.

suspected that it is not an isolated case of a reporter misinterpreting the
report and sees a larger conspiracy behind it as some media channels have
picked up the report and dishing out false and baseless stories with their own
interpretations even as today.

a stern warning to those who are indulging in this slander with little or no
respect to journalistic ethics, Gattu reiterated that YSR Congress party would
never merge with any party. “There is no need for the party to merge with any
other party as it is all set to sweep the mandate of people in 2014 general
elections,” he said.

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