Vijayamma’s arrest is state sponsored

Hyderabad, Nov 1,
2013: Describing the arrest of its honorary president Smt. Y.S. Vijayamma as an
act of state sponsored, YSR Congress Party on Friday demanded CM Kiran Kumar to
quit his post immediately as he failed to act as the CM of a unified state.

Party senior leader
Konatala Ramakrishna told press persons here that Kiran Kumar, acting in the
garb of a champion of the united AP, misused the police and government
machinery to get Smt Y.S.Vijayamma arrested and prevent her from visiting the
flood-hit areas of Nalgonda district.  

“When Chandrababu
Naidu was allowed to tour in the Telangana districts, why can’t our leaders
tour? Why this discrimination and political victimization?” he asked the

At a time when all
parties and leaders should express their solidarity and support to the flood
victims and farmers who suffered heavy losses, Smt. Vijayamma under took the
tour of the Khammam and Nalgonda districts also as part her 4-day tour across
the state, he said.  

While the people of
Khammam wholeheartedly welcomed her and explained their problems, Congress
feared that she might get the same popular response in Nalgonda district also.
“We don’t find any other reason for her arrest except that Congress is
terrified of the popularity of our party even in Telangana,” he said, adding,
that the arrest is totally unjustified, unwarranted and undemocratic.  

It is very sad and
shameful that she was prevented from reaching the affected people, he said and
asked: “Are we living in a democratic state or a dictator-set up? Is Telangana
not part of Andhra Pradesh? Don’t we have the right to visit the Telangana

The way Government
acted and misused its police and official machinery for arresting and
preventing her from visiting the Nalgonda district gives the feeling that the
state is already divided, he remarked.  

Naidu, Kiran facilitating the process of bifurcation  

Charging Chandrababu
Naidu and Kiran Kumar with facilitating the process of bifurcation of the state
smoothly, Ramakrishna said both of them are hoodwinking the people.  

“Kiran is wearing
the mask of an integrationist while Naidu is also helping Congress high command
to speed up the process of bifurcation. Naidu’s statement that Centre is
planning to hold another all party meet only to corner TDP is ridiculous,” he

The Union Cabinet
approved Cabinet note on bifurcation only after Naidu’s Delhi trip, he said
adding that Government announced the constitution of GoM only after Naidu began
his Deeksha in Delhi. “And now as per his earlier demand only, the Home
Ministry is also convening another all party meet,” he observed.

 Letter received  

confirmed that the party had received the letter from the Union Home Ministry
eliciting suggestions and proposals on 11 points concerning the division.
“There is no change in our stand that the state must be kept united. The
contents of the letter will be discussed in the party and the party leadership
will take a decision.”

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