Vijayamma to go on indefinite fast from 19

YSRCP senior leader Mysoora Reddy, former MLAs Praveenkumar Reddy and Maddala Rajesh announcing Smt. Y.S. Vijayamma's decision to undertake indefinite fast from Aug 19 at Vijayawada

Hyderabad, August 14, 2013: YSR Congress Party
Honorary President YS Vijayamma would go on an indefinite fast from August 19 at
with the slogan “if you cannot do
justice to all regions, at least maintain status quo.”

“The indefinite fast is aimed at highlighting the failure of the
Centre to do justice to all regions in the process of division of the state and
conducting in an authoritarian manner by taking unilateral decisions which are
affecting multitude of people of one region. Vijyamama will undertake the
indefinite fast demanding the Centre to maintain status quo if it cannot do
justice to all regions,” party senior leader Dr MV Mysoora Reddy told reporters
here on Wednesday.

If division is inevitable, the Centre should play the role of a
responsible father showing prudence and justice to all his children who are
parting ways. The decision should be acceptable to all and no one should be put
to any disadvantage. But that is not the case in the State.

Congress has been playing foul for the sake of a few seats and
the decisions it has taken are being projected as the Central Government
policies. The Party is trying to take consent from elected representatives at
gun point or coercion instead of looking at amicable solutions.

The Centre has appointed Justice Sri Krishna Committee which
submitted its report. It was not discussed before arriving at a conclusion on
the division. It has now appointed a high-power committee which is only a
Congress Committee headed by AK Antony. “The sanctity of the committee is not
known. Why should anyone seek the permission of PCC President to speak to the

People of the state have every right to express their views and
need not take permission for it, that too from a state Congress President.
There are apprehensions on various issues among the people and many questions
remain unanswered in case of division of the State.

The river water sharing, capital and other issues of great importance
were neither discussed nor any assurance was given but the Centre has announced
the decision to split the state. The logistics on natural resources and other
issues were never discussed at any forum. 

State in-charge of Congress affairs, Digvijay Singh’s talk does
not reflect the feelings of the people but he has been the voice of the
arrogant Congress which is trying to convert Party policies into Government
policies which are unilateral and dictatorial,” he said.

Citing an example, he said, sharing of
Krishna river water would be a problem between Mahbubnagar (Bhima project) and the
delta region in case of division. Most of the infrastructure, including dams,
was created in the joint state and when there is a separation, distribution of
amenities and assets should be done judiciously.

The Centre has failed in doing justice to all regions. In this
backdrop, YS VIjayamma would undertake indefinite past demanding the Centre to
maintain status quo if it cannot do justice to all regions, he said.

Later, he told media that Digvijay Singh has been behaving like
an extraconstitutional authority. He was the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh
when that state was divided and a resolution was passed in the state assembly.

“He can ask the State chief minister to move a resolution on the
bifurcation in the assembly and send it to the Centre if it is adopted by the
House. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawathi had done the same thing,” he


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