Victory of Jagan is people's victory

Kadiri (Anantapuram dist),
March 17, 2014: Coining the slogan “Jagan’s victory is people’s victory”, YS Vijayamma
kicked off her poll campaign with scathing attack on TDP for its impracticable
promises and gave a perfect picture of the contrast between the YSR term and
the ones preceding and succeeding his golden era.   

“YSR has stood as a model
chief minister who changed the course of the state by launching welfare schemes
that benefitted every section of the society and N Chandrababu Naidu is now
coming to people with hyperbolic and impracticable promises.

People had seen the dark
age of N Chandrababu Naidu while he was chief minister for nine years with
farmers and all other sections of people were left in the lurch and the period
after the death of YSR was reminiscent to that of TDP rule with Kiran Kumar
Reddy emulating Naidu in taxing the people heavily,” she said addressing a huge
public meeting here on Sunday.

In between there was whiff
of fresh air when YSR was the Chief Minister for five years and four months
during which he had shown to the world that he is farmer-friendly and waived
and rescheduled agriculture loans, started mega projects under Jalayaganam,
launched Aarogyasri to extend quality treatment to the poor and provided
ambulances to ferry patients in emergencies.

As a true heir, YS Jagan
Mohan Reddy has promised that he would launch Amma Vadi scheme, which will take
care of the education of two children from each family, increase the old age
pension to Rs 700 per month, set up a market stabilization fund which ensures
minimum support price to farmers and waive loans of DWACRA groups.

This is the agenda of YSRCP
and victory of Jagan is victory of people as YSRCP is the face of development
and welfare, she said and appealed the people to continue its support to the
party and reject the Parties that are promising moon and impossible sops with a
quixotic “All Free” slogan.

Chandrababu Naidu has been
promising to waive agriculture loans worth   Rs 1.60 lakh cores which
is equal to the state’s annual budget. It is the Centre that has to waive the
loans and not the State. Naidu, who was in public life for 30 years, served as
chief minister for nine years and as leader of opposition for ten years,
conjuring up such imaginary promises is only  a poll gimmickry and
 people should beware of such false promises.  

Drawing a contrast between
YSR and Chandrababu Naidu terms, she said, the input subsidy and yield per acre
have gone up during YSR term, while the yield has come down during the TDP

Giving a local touch, she
said, Handri Neva was the brain child of YSR and Galeri Nagari would have been
on course had the Congress government after YSR death was sincere. He has
launched the Jalayagnam aimed at providing irrigation water to one crore acres
through 86 projects. Naidu on the other hand had did not bring in a single
irrigation project and talked very mean of agriculture.

YSR schemes have benefitted
all sections of the society under saturation method and he looked beyond
regional, caste, creed and other such considerations. Naidu has killed the
spirit of cooperative movement and had shut down industries, medium, small and
large scale and rendered many jobless, she said.

While YSR has introduced
fees reimbursement to benefit the students, Naidu has only seen to it that his
son’s fee was reimbursed through a corporate house. Aarogyasri provided free
entry to corporate hospitals to the poor,  while TDP has collected user
charges even in government hospitals.

YSR has launched the pavala
vaddi scheme to benefit the women and Naidu had used brute force on the
Anganwadi workers who were on strike.

 Naidu has no record
of keeping up his promise as we have seen that the NTR poll promise of Rs 2-a-kg
rice, subsidized power to farmers and prohibition were pulled out after he took
over TDP. He even dumped the Janata Clothes scheme depriving the poor of
getting clothes at subsidized rates.

After the death of YSR,
Congress government continued the policies of Chandrababu Naidu, as he was
saving the Congress at the Centre and State as well. Kiran Kumar Reddy
increased the power tariff and imposed a burden of 32,000 crores in the form
surcharge and increased RTC bus fares four times.

Aargyasri and fees reimbursement
schemes were diluted rapidly and perhaps only in our state did the treasury and
opposition benches sat together. TDP saved Congress at the Centre with its
members abstaining from voting on FDI and issuing a whip during the no
confidence motion moved by us against the Kiran Kumar Reddy government.

We tried our best to keep
the state united and the issue is in Supreme Court and will fight it out. But
we are for the welfare of Telugu people of both regions and wanted mutual
cooperation between people of Telangana and Seemandhra.

Kiran Kumar Reddy, who
helped the high command in all aspects in dividing the state, is now trying to
project himself as champion of Samaikyandhra. We have asked him to convene a
special session of the assembly to pass a resolution against the division of
the state but he did not
consider our demand. He did not quit when we submitted our resignation. PCC
President Botsa Satyanrayana is on record telling that had the Congress MLAs
quit immediately after the state division decision was taken, things would have
been better.

People with dubious
background and agenda would also be coming to you seeking votes, but the
support you have shown us all these years reflected in the victory in by polls.

Jagan, in jail or outside,
has been constantly thinking of your welfare and I appeal you to continue the
support and the victory of Jagan is the victory of people, she said. 

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