The unemployed protest against the Government

 Tirupati: With no mention of unemployment stipend seen in the announced AP budget, the unemployed resorted to protest. Students rallied against Chandrababu’s Government under the supervision of YSRCP student union in SV University of Tirupati. They raised slogans against the Government, complaining that Chandrababu had been depriving people of their jobs over not proving new jobs in spite of promising earlier that he would provide a job for every household and sanction Rs.2000 as stipend for every unemployed individual.

 The students criticized that Chandrababu, Lokesh and TDP leaders had accomplished robbery jobs after TDP had come to power. They expressed their displeasure towards the budget for not giving importance to allotting funds to the students’ stipend scheme. They also commented that nothing had been done for the development of the university. They warned the Government to do justice to the unemployed.

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