Tour Schedule Of Third Day Of YS Jagan’s Rythu Bharosa Yatra

Programmes Coordinator of YSRCP and district president of the party Sankar
Narayana announced the tour schedule of Rythu Bharosa Yatra being staged by the
leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan. YS Jagan shall meet local
party leaders at the residence of Ramireddy in Yadiki village. From there he
will go to Kammavaripalle, Pasaluru, Garladinne and Chinna Pappuru. There he
will console the family of Nagaraju, a farmer who had committed suicide due to
burden of debts. He will also talk to the local villagers for some time.

Then, YS Jagan will go
to Mucchukota via Peda Pappuru, Sheik palli, Namakapapalli and Varadayapalle.
He will comfort the bereaved family of Leela Krishnamurthy, another farmer who
had committed suicide. He will speak to the local farmers and fill hope in

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