Telangana issue put on back burner

In the wake of announcements by TRS chief
K.Chandrasekhara Rao that the Centre will take a favourable decision on the
Telangana issue before Sept 30 leading to a fresh bout of anxieties among the
Seema Andhra leaders who are opposing division, Union Home Minister SK Shinde
ruled out a decision on the issue in the near future.

Shinde, revealing his mind within hours of
Congress chief Sonia Gandhi returning to Delhi from the US, said a decision on
the Telangana can’t be taken at this juncture as it has been observed Naxalism
is on the rise in the smaller states created by Centre. “However, we will certainly take a decision before 2014 elections,”
he said at a media confeence in Delhi on Monday, Sept 10.

While the bolt from the blue statement has
cooled tempers in the Seema Andhra region, it has given rise for fresh tempers
in Telangana. TRS has already announced a favourable decision on the issue
before September end will bring festivities but no decision before the deadline
will lead to a fresh agitation.

With the Political JAC calling for a
Telangana March on Sept 30, T Congress MP Mr.Madhu Yashki Goud reportedly gave
a call to the people to attack the properties of the Seema Andhra leaders
during the March.

Observing that the Centre is not even in a
position to convene an all party meeting immediately on the issue, Shinde said
he has taken charge of the Home Ministry very recently and the issue has to be
studied in full detail.

“Reports have indicated that Maoists’
violence has become manifold after the formation of smaller states like
Chattisgarh and Jharkand and the Telangana issue has to be studied in full
detail before taking a decision. I am hearing different version from all
sides,” he said in his media conference.

Another indication that an immediate
decision is not possible on the issue came from Union minister and AICC general secretary Ghulam Nabi Azad.
“There is no consensus on the issue and because of this we can’t decide on
Telangana before a given deadline,” he said on Sunday.

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