Telangana is the doing of Cong: Sharmila

Palasa, August 1, 2013:
In a blistering attack on the Congress leadership for taking unilateral
decision on the creation of Telangana, Smt. Y.S. Sharmila on Thursday squarely
blamed Congress and TDP for the present disturbing situation in the state.

Speaking to the
national TV channel Headlines Today during the course of her Maro Praja
Prasthanam Padayatra in Srikakulam district, she said YSRCP never acted against
the people of Telangana.

“We are never against
the Telangana people splitting away but we only wanted the division with
fairness and justice to people of the two regions,” she observed, adding that
Congress never expressed its opinion on the Telangana issue in the three all
party meetings.

Saying that YSRCP
wanted the Congress to come and sit across the table to discuss all the issues
such as water, capital and other resources while solving the Telangana issue,
Smt. Sharmila has posed: “How would we know what is running in their minds and
address the issues which we think are important and which they may think are
not important.”

“If the Congress has
stated its stand before taking the final decision, we would have stated this is
right and this is not right. Now they just come out with their stand at one go
and slap it on our faces and ask us to accept that, this is not democratic.
This is purely undemocratic,” she said.

Dwelling at length on
the issue, she said the latest developments in the state are the result of the
pulling down of whatever Dr. YSR had built balancing the welfare and
development. “Dr. YSR balanced welfare and development so well that issues like
Telangana and Naxalism were dead issues. This is the doing of Congress leaders
themselves,” she remarked.

She said YSR Congress
party has always stood by all people irrespective of the region. “We are the
only party which stood by the people at this time of crisis. It is the only
party from which all MLAs have resigned pointing out the injustice,” Smt.
Sharmila said.

Accusing Congress and TDP
of playing double games over the issue, she said Congress has literally entered
into a quid-pro-quo with TRS on the issue of Telangana. “As per the
quid-pro-quo arrangement, TRS will either merge with the Congress or have
electoral understanding on a power sharing basis,” she said.


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