TDP's Is A System Of Goons

Ramachandrapuram: YSRCP's official spokesman Ambati Rambabu complained that TDP had changes the police system of the state into a goons' system. He stated that people were waiting to put an end to such unjust rule. General body meeting of YSRCP activists of Ramachandrapuram constituency happened presided by city party convener Gadamsetty Srishar.
Speaking as the chief guest of the meeting, district party resident Kurasala Kannababu called for activists of the party to slam Chandrababu's Government for getting into power through making impossible promises. He commented that TDP was carrying out unjust rule through giving authority to Janmabhoomi committees. MLC Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose spoke to criticise Chandrababu for deceiving farmers in the name of loan waiver.
MLC Adireddy Apparao suggested that the people should be made aware of the atrocious suppression of the voice of opposition by the ruling party with the mask of power. CGC member Jakkampudi Vijayalakshmi called for putting an end to the robbing Government.Rampachodavaram MLA Vanthala Rajeswari condemned the rumours about her possible party defection. She made it clear that she would stay with YSRCP in spite of the enticement done by the ruling party to her with money and power.

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