TDP in tearing hurry to cover-up shortfalls

Sept 6, 2014: Criticizing the way the assembly proceedings were conducted and the
resolution on BC Welfare was tabled, Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy
has said that the TDP government was only trying to take cover under the
resolution only to escape the pointed questions on its failure to fulfill the
poll promise of loans waiver of farmers and DWACRA women groups.  

to the established norms of giving prior notice with sufficient time to table
and adopt any resolution, TDP was in a tearing hurry and rushed through the
resolution on the last day without giving enough time for debate and discussion
on the resolution and the Appropriation Bill as it wanted to run away from
being questioned on the failure to waive the loans of farmers, women groups and
weavers,” he told reporters after the assembly was adjourned sine die.  

resolution was brought in only to take shield and preempt the awkward situation
the State would face when its failures are being highlighted. The norms of 10
days notice to table a resolution were ignored and with the aid of Speaker’s
discretionary powers the BC Welfare resolution was tabled.  

This is
not a new resolution. A similar one was adopted when YSR was Chief Minister way
back in 2008 demanding the Centre to enact a law ensuring 33% reservations to
BCs, a separate ministry for BC Welfare among other such measures.  

sudden rush of love towards BCs is only to cover up the loan waiver failure. Chandrababu
Naidu was never in favour of BC Welfare. It was YSR who has worked for the
welfare of BCs and to elaborate this, the Opposition was not allowed to speak
out which is against the parliamentary democracy.

I was
denied mike and no debate took place on the resolution before being adopted and
this is like a “Kaurava Sabha”(101 members full of evil designs). We wanted to
tell that it was during YSR term that BCs were benefitted most but our voices
were gagged by a hostile house which has no respect for democracy but is
interested only in one-upmanship,” he said.  

treasury benches were trying to bulldoze the opposition saying that the
opposition members are inexperienced. TDP founder leader NTR too was a
political greenhorn, who is now being idolized by TDP. We are learned people
and we are in the know of things.   

benefitted most with the fees reimbursement scheme, of the total 27 lakh
beneficiaries 14 lakhs are BCs. When it comes to housing, during YSR term 42 %
of the beneficiaries are BCs. He has also provided insurance to livestock. BCs
have a lion’s share in all the welfare schemes of YSR, including Aarogyari and

NTR has
given Rs 2 kg rice when the market price was Rs 2.63 per kg. YSR gave rice at
Rs 2 per kg when the market price was Rs 28 which quantifies the amount of
subsidy given by both the leaders.  

Naidu has time and again announced that he will be giving 100 seats to BCs but
he never kept up the promise. During 2004 TDP allotted 44 seats and with all
the allies put together it rose to 66 seats while YSR-led Congress has given 73
seats. The situation was no different in 2009. In the recent election he has
given four seats more that what we have given as our list was out first, the
YSRCP President said.   

The objections
we raised on the budget were not answered and a revised note was circulated
which has no proper answer to the issues we have raised.  

government has rushed through the proceedings with no proper debate on the
Finance Bill, Minister’s reply, clarifications or a purposeful discussion on
the BC Welfare resolution which shows the Government wanted to wade through the
formality in a hurry,” he added.  

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