TDP Suppressing The Voice Of The Opposition

  • Ruling party running the assembly at its will
  • Babu ordering attacks on YSRCP MLAs
  • TDP suppressing the opposition's voice inside the assembly and outside
  • Conspiracies to not let YSRCP MLAs to speak
  • Tension built up at the media point
Hyderabad: Chandrababu's Government is getting into atrocities on the opposition YSRCP. It is suppressing the voice of the opposition inside and outside the assembly. While YSRCP has been insisting since three days on discussing in the assembly the matter of sanction of special category status, the Government has been fleeing and ordering attacks on YSRCP MLAs by assembly marshals, giving least concern to the honour deserved by the MLAs.
As soon as the session commenced today, Chandrababu orderd for the presence of assembly marshals in the house. YSRCP MLAs started raising slogans saying special category status is the right of people of AP, as they showed their protest peacefully. The speaker is giving the microphone to the ruling party leaders to pass unjust and unethical statements on opposition leaders, is hardly giving the access to the MLAs of YSRCP who want to discuss people's problems and wishes. MLAs of opposition YSRCP slammed not giving the leader of opposition YS Jagan chance to speak even for half a minute.
It is atrocious to employ marshals to push away woman MLAs out of the house. Chandrababu who has taken control of what has to happen in the house is not even letting YSRCP MLAs to speak at the assembly's media point. YSRCP MLAs criticised TDP leaders and the police for hindering the leaders from speaking about special category status. They called it undemocratic to not give mic to the opposition MLAs who wanted to speak about people's feelings towards special category status. They questioned why Chandrababu was so scared of holding a discussion on the matter of public interest.

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