TDP slide has begun: YSRCP

Oct 9, 2014: Coming down heavily on TDP Government for drastically cutting down the
number of pension cards in the State, YSR Congress has said the people’s ire
has been reflected in the dismal performance of the ruling Party in the
Divancheru Panchayat elections and the pent up anger of the public will reflect
more in the days to come, what with the name of Dubukunta Roshamma, the torch
bearer of anti-arrack movement, being deleted from the pensions list.  

leader Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has categorically told the State Assembly that
welfare schemes will be slashed drastically as the budgetary allocations are
not matching the quantum of the requirement. Without spelling out the norms or
methodology the Government has deleted thousands of names in each district
including that of Dubagunta Rosamma, who hogged the limelight for spearheading
the anti-arrack movement,” Party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters
here on Thursday.  

weeding out of thousands of names from the pension list has reflected in the
election to Divancheru Panchayat of Rajanagaram constituency in East Godavari
district where the ruling party secured a solitary ward while YSRCP has won 12
of the 16 wards. This shows the resentment of the people towards TDP and this
is just the tip of an iceberg. The anti-people policies of the State Government
could be seen in the results. The State
should answer as to why Dubagunta Rosamma became ineligible for pension after
the new government has taken over.  

There are
many deserving persons whose names were deleted as welfare measures are carried
out on political lines. In Chittoor district alone more than 84,000 names were
deleted and the number is very high in East and West Godavari and Visakhapatnam

“YS Jagan
Mohan Reddy has clearly foretold the evil design of TDP government when Rs
1,338 crores was earmarked for pension as against the requirement of Rs 3,800
crores. The deficit will be met with by slashing the number of cards was what
he has said in the Assembly and the same is being done by the State.  

Government’s version that all ineligible persons are being deleted from the
list has no takers after Rosamma’s name was deleted. The list was revised on
political considerations and we demand that the State should adopt a scientific
method in weeding out bogus cards. The State on the other hand is trying to
minimize the number of cards to fit the meager budgetary allocations,” she

The State
has been dropping names, a different one at a time, for the proposed state
capital to jack up the land value. The Chief Minister has hinted at another
name to create an artificial boom as his interests lie in corporate sector and
not in welfare measures.  

Saraswathi Cements issue, she said, “the name is being dragged only because YS
Bharathi is one of the Directors of the Company. The land was purchased from
farmers; it was not allotted by the Government. The Cement factory did not come
up as the Government is yet to give the necessary permissions. The charges are
politically motivated and baseless, she said.


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