TDP Packed Bundle Of Lies In Governor's Address

Vijayawada, March 6: Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that TDP government has loaded the Governor’s speech with a bundle of lies and said that Supreme Court sending notice to a Chief Minister is not an ordinary mater and reiterated that the government has been trying to shield the Travel Agency as the owner happens to be a party MP.

Speaking to reporters after the first day of the first assembly session here on Monday he said:’ though we will be speaking in a detailed manner, it is sad to hear that blatant lies were included in the speech by the government particularly the GDP growth rate despite farmers are in distress and other growth indicators, including industrial development service sector, belie the fact figures.

Supreme Court sending notice to Chandrababu Naidu in the cash for vote case is a severe blow to him and to divert the attention of the people the Chief Minister has resorted to a marathon press conference with no substance, he said.

There are a few aspects which need to the brought to the notice of the people immediately. The government has said that from the next financial year beginning April the special status will go away. But the provisions of the GST Act clearly points out that the special category status will continue in the states and what the Government has said is a white lie, he said. In the allotment of plots discrimination has been shown by the government while ministers, MLAs and MLCs have got plots in prime locality farmers got the plots at obscure places. It is the farmers’ land that was taken away by the government and they are being neglected and TDP leaders from far and wide were given plots at prime spot by whatever manipulation applied in the name of lottery, he said.

On the controversy over his remarks against the collector, he said, I have raised the questions which the public had asked at the hospital and instead of answering them they have opted some other format only to save the owners of the Travels which belongs of JC Diwarakar Reddy who is TDP MP. He refused to comment on the vulgar comments of the JC PRabhakar

Reddy, he said.

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