TDP Leaders Joining YSRCP

Araku Valley: TDP leaders of agency area in Visakhapatnam district are at disgust with their own party. Hence, a huge number of them are leaving TDP. Recently, mandal woman president of Araku Valley, Poddu Kasulamma, joined YSRCP. The 3-member committee member of Araku K.Aruna Kumari and Pedalabudu panchayat sarpanch Samardi Gulabi invited her into the party by decorating her with the party's scarf. Official spokesman Setty Appalu, former sarpanch Samardi Raghunath, leaders Burja Sundar Rao, Killo Donnu and Gasi participated in the event.
Speaking on this occasion, Kasulamma stated that she had held various positions in TDP since 1999 and worked committed for the party even when it was not in power. She complained that certain leaders in the constituency were selfishly criticising seniors and hurt by that she was joining YSRCP. She assured that she would work for YSRCP's victory in the next elections.

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