TDP leaders behaved like ' Gundas'

Vijayawada: YSR Congress senior leader Uday Bhanu alleged that Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani and Jaggayyapeta MLA Sreeram Tattayya behaved like ' Gundas'  during the election for Chairman post in Jaggayyapeta municipality. 

He said the two people representatives terrorised people and also threatened the YSR Congress leaders and the ward Councillors. Despite  the TDP leaders' efforts to obstruct YSR Congress from getting Chairman post,  his party succeeded. The TDP leaders  stalled the proceedings for more than one hour in the election. 

 The YSR Congress leader said the TDP created  high drama like kidnapping their one members and threatening the elected opposition Councillors and also officials. The ruling party also  tried in vain to lure YSR Congress members, he added.

They offered money and when the councillors did not yield to the temptations, they also threatened them with dire consequences if they didn't defect into TDP.

All the YSRCP councillors rejected their offers and the election was rescheduled for Saturday. When councillors gathered to elect the chairman on Saturday, the TDP councillors and also their party men tried to create ruckus again to buy some more time for horse trading. But the election returning officer declared that in the absence of any opposition, YSRCP's Inturi Rajagopal elected unanimously as the chairman.
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