TDP Leaders Abused us

YSRCP MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy  demanded that the actual footage of the
proceedings of the AP Legislative Assembly on December 18 be made public. He
said the TDP MLAs resorted to worst form of abuse of YSRCP MLAs in the house
and that all this has happened in front of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. He
said the TDP MLAs have used unprintable language against the YSRCP MLAs.

He said Chief Whip Kaluva Srinivasulu used abominable language. The people will
decide who is at fault once they watch the whole footage. He said if an SC, ST
Case is to be filed, it should be filed on Chandrababu Naidu first as he egged
his members on to abuse the Opposition.

"Though TDP MLA Bonda Uma used abusive language, no action was taken
against him. When we ask for mike, we are not obliged. But, when the TDP MLAs
continue their abusive tirade, their mikes are never cut. It is because of this
that we are bringing a no confidence motion against the
Speaker,"Chevireddy said.


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