TDP intimidating policies flayed: Botsa

Hyderabad, July 4: Condemning intimidating politics of TDP by misusing police force during the Kurnool MLC elections, YSR Congress has said TDP government continuing with its dictatorial attitude by ill-treating our party MLAs but we will not take it lying low.

“The way in which police handled the situation during MLC elections at Kurnool and foisted false case against Bhuma Nagi Reddy and rudely behaved with his daughter and Allagadda MLA Akhila is highly condemnable and the state not shifting the Nandyal legislator to NIMS on the pretext of lack of escort is only inhuman and TDP government should take responsibility for his safety and health,” party senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana told reporters here on Saturday.

“The situation is being monitored from the Chief Minister’s Office and every move is being dictated from the capital. Governance cannot be on the whims and fancies of Chandrababu Naidu and the law of the land should prevail. There is no reason as to why Bhuma Nagi Reddy, who has a heart ailment, should not be shifted to NIMS with the lame excuse of lack of escort. These are petty politics of petty-minded people. On one hand we are fighting for Section 8 for equal rights on the joint capital and on the hand the State contends that it cannot send the patient to NIMS without an escort.

This is highly objectionable and we demand an inquiry into the incident and the government should take responsibility of the consequences including that of the health issue of Nagi Reddy. Lack of escort is not a valid reason to hold back a cardiac patient and deprive him of treatment.

These intimidation tactics are only to set an example by harassing the MLA but we will fight back and see that justice is prevailed,” he said.

The Bhuma father and daughter were sitting outside the polling booth in the chairs arranged by the election authorities and the DSP who was told not to touch him by Nagi Reddy when the latter was being pushed was taken as an offence and a false case was booked  under SC/ST Atrocities (Prevention) Act.

The legal matter can be detailed later, but what is more urgent is the health of the MLA and the Government trying to eke out political mileage by refusing to shift Nagi Reddy is inhuman and it will be questioned at all forums, he said.
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