TDP Has No Guts To Face Elections

  • TDP is not confident about winning elections
  • TDP threatening those who filed nomination in local body MLC elections
  • TDP bought 21 MLAs from other parties, luring them with port folios
  • Assembly in Telangana for 75 days and in AP for 30 days?!
  • YSRCP's general secretary, Dharmana Prasada Rao
Srikakulam: Remarking that TDP had no courage or confidence to face by-elections in the state, YSRCP's general secretary, Dharmana Prasada Rao, slammed TDP for threatening those who had filed nomination for MLC local body elections. Commenting that Babu's tyrannical rule was a mockery of democracy, he stated that the CM lacked respect for the constitution, the court and the opposition.

Speaking to the media at Srikakulam on Saturday, he remarked that AP Government had no respect for elections commission, hence the by-elections to be held to fill the empty positions in local bodies of AP had not yet been held. Neither court's orders were being followed, nor opposition parties' suggestions were being respected by the Government, he added.

Dharmana questioned why assembly sessions in AP were being held only for 30 days while they were being held for 60-70 days in neighbouring state Telangana. While people's well-being and problems needed to be discussed in the assembly and solutions were to be found, why it was being neglected, asked Dharmana. He added that building an assembly was not a great thing to brag about, but doing good to the people in the building would be appreciable.

Remarking that Chandrababu was considering the assembly building as his own private property, Dharmana found fault in the Government's not inviting opposition party leaders to its inauguration. he also slammed buying opposition party MLAs by luring them with ministries and caled it undemocratic and anti-constitutional.

Dharmana also slammed the district collector and other Government officials of Srikakulam for working with partiality.
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