TDP govt. failed in medicare

Hyderabad, Sept 19: Reiterating that TDP
government has failed in checking the rampant increase of viral fever in
various parts of the state, YSR Congress has demanded the state to take
immediate steps to come to the rescue of the suffering people.

 ‘Chandrababu Naidu’s priorities have
been different all the time and the Medical and Health Minister has no concern
for the growing incidence dengue,  malaria and other viral fever which are
wide spread in tribal and other areas as well,’ party SC Cell state president
Merugu Nagarjuna told reporters here on Monday.

 Many villages in the state are under the
grip of viral fever and the poor people are suffering while there has been no
aid forthcoming from the government side.

 ‘The state should immediately take up
measures including awareness camps and supply medicines to the poor. The
government hospitals are not in a position to supply quality medicines and have
been non-functional since long,’ he said.

 Even legislators are not getting the
needed medication which is highly deplorable, he said adding that Chanrababu
Naidu has only Polavaram, contracts and kickbacks on his agenda and not the
welfare of the people, he said.

 As YSR was a medical doctor, he knew the
pulse of the people and launched many welfare schemes in the medical and health
sector which includes Aarogryasri but TDP government has been totally ignoring
the medicare.

 ‘We demand that the state come forward
and take up medicare on a priority basis,’ he said.


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