TDP defeat imminent: YSRCP

Hyderabad, April 9, 2014: The
tie-up with BJP will add to the woes of TDP which has nothing to tell about its
achievements and it will taste the worst ever defeat in the ensuing elections
as people are unable to digest its dichotomy, YSR Congress has said and dared
Chandrababu Naidu to come for an open debate on the comparative governance of
is 9-year term versus the 5-year rule of YSR.

“Naidu going back on his
word that he will not distance the minorities by aligning with BJP has not gone
well with the people and his double-speak on Narender Modi shows his
opportunist tendencies,” party MLA G Srikanth Reddy told reporters here on
Tuesday and challenged the TDP leader for an open debate on his nine-year
governance vis-à-vis YSR term.

Naidu had earlier said that
Narender Modi has to be banished after the Godra carnage and now went down on
his knees for the alliance. As he is unable to face the elections on his own he
trying to group up, Lok Satta, Pawan Kalyan and BJP to fight YS Jagan Mohan
Reddy and he will not succeed as his past will continue to haunt him and people
are waiting for a clear mandate to YSRCP.

“Though he is hopping from
town to town doling out impracticable promises his double standards are
thoroughly exposed when he says in Kadapa that injustice is done Seemandhra and
while in Warangal says that he is the person responsible for creation of
Telangana state as he gave the letter support a separate state.

He promises to make a BC as
Chief Minister in Telangana where his stakes are low and does not apply the
same yardstick in Seemandhra. He has nothing to talk about his achievements
during his nine year rule and obviously there would be no mention of it as well
in the manifesto,” he said.

Taking objection to the
wild remarks and unwarranted heroics at the Kadapa meeting, Srikanth Reddy
said: “I challenge the TDP President to come in for an open debate on his nine
year rule in comparison to the five year term of YSR.

What he has done to
Chittoor district or Kuppam during his nine year rule and what YSR has done to
Kadapa and Pulivendula stand as a glaring example as to who cared for people
and development. In Kuppam, while Naidu has built 18,000 houses during his ten
year term, YSR has built 33,000 houses in five years. Naidu has given pension
to 5,000 in Kuppam while YSR has increased the number to 16,000. 

Naidu promising of
converting Seemandhra into Singapore does not mean anything to the rural
people. Each irrigation project, be it Pulichinthala, Polavaram or Galeru
Nagari is worth more than 100 Hi-Tech cities, he said.

Naidu has driven people out
of the state in search of jobs while YSR has plugged the exodus and created
economic activity and took care of all sections of the society, he said.

Despite grouping up all and
sundry, the eventual winner in the ensuing polls will be YSR Congress, he said.

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