TDP dark age blot on State polity: Jagan

Kalyandurgam (Anathapuram
dist), April 16, 2014: Describing the nine-year term of N Chandrababu Naidu as a blot
on the State’s polity and governance, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that the
TDP leader is again coming with false promises despite his indelible horrid
past and appealed to the people to reject people who have no credibility,
character and concern for the people.

Addressing a large
gathering in the scorching heat here on Wednesday, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has
given the perfect picture of the nine year rule of N Chandababu Naidu where he
had shown no concern for the students, farmers, pensioners, and women and has
never kept any of his election promises.

“He promises anything and
everything before elections and conveniently forgets after polls leaving people
in the lurch. This time it would be no different and he has raised the pitch of
promises as this would be the last election for him.

The person who has
backstabbed his own father-in-law for the sake of power can go to any extent
for his personal gains and he has scant respect for people who suffered during
his term and were driven to indebtedness and suicides.

Credibility and integrity
are the two things that find no place in Chandrababu Naidu’s dictionary.YSR who
is still alive in the hearts of the people for bringing in welfare schemes has
been the guiding force of the party and as a true heir, I will carry forward
his legacy, he said during his electioneering as part of YSR Jana Bheri public

Appealing to vote for YSRCP
fan symbol, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said in the next 25 days the destiny of the
state would be changed and electing a right leader would dictate the course of
the state in the right direction.

The dark days of TDP
misrule is still afresh in the memories of the people where families were
driven to indebtedness for educating their kin and for providing treatment to
serious ailments. Farmers were committing suicides due to the harsh policies of
TDP and pension was pittance and given in quota system with only 10-15 persons
getting it and new names would replace only on the death on the existing ones.

Housing was very much
sparse as only 500 houses were allotted to each constituency and in the final
count each of the 100 panchyats in the constituency would get five houses.

On the other hand Naidu’s
poll promises were just kept aside once he comes to power. The Rs 2 kg rice was
increased to Rs 5, the promise of total prohibition was not kept and belt shops
sprouted across the state.

Now he is telling of free
cell phones, TVs and loan waiver and will also say that all freebies will be
delivered at your door step. This is loose and irresponsible talk and he can
promise anything but I cannot resort to such gimmickry as I have to be in public
life for at least 30 more years and I carry forward the legacy of YSR to upkeep
all poll promises.

Immediately after assuming
power I will sign five files which will give a state a proper direction towards
development and put it on track of a welfare state. The first file I will sign
is that of Amma Vodi scheme which gives Rs 1,000 per month to the mother for
the education of her two children. This would arrest child labour and school
dropouts as well. Senior citizens have suffered a lot during TDP regime.

As a grandson, I will take
care of their small needs by increasing pension amount to Rs 700. Farmers bore
the brunt before and YSR term. They are at sea when they want to sell their
produce and were baffled during drought and floods. A Rs 3,000-crore Market
Stabilisation Fund would be set up to insulate farmers from the market
fluctuations and Rs 2,000-crore Calamity Fund would also be put in place to
take care of the needs during calamities.

All loans of DWACRA groups,
amounting to Rs 20,000 crores would be waived and loan procedure would be
simplified and made customer friendly. Decentralisation of administration is
the fifth file I would be signing to enable people to get ration card and other
documents at the village level.

Power would be supplied at
Rs 100 for 150 units and 50 lakh houses would be built in five years which
would see that no person in the state will be houseless by 2019.

All belt shops will be
closed down and employment will be provided to ten women from each village to
do the policing and also wipe out belt shops, he said.

Introducing the candidates,
he appealed to the people to vote for YSRCP fan symbol and be part of the
development of the new welfare state that would come into being in three to
four week’s time.

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