TDP-BJP becomes a laughing stock

New Delhi: Former YSRCP MP YV Subba Reddy said that TDP had moved a no-confidence motion in the Parliament to divert the people from main issues. Speaking to media here today, he said TDP-BJP had a secret pact and were behaving so. It was nothing but to mislead the people, he said and added that people have understood their plan. "TDP-BJP have to understand that they have become a laughing stock."

Adding to these oservations, YSRCP senior leader and MLC Ummareddi Venkateshwarulu pointed out to press persons that both TDP and BJP are clearly in collusion. Despite YSRCP serving a notice for a no-confidence motion 13 times, it was not considered for discussion. But TDP's motion was immediately called for discussion, he said. TDP-BJP were staging a drama in Parliament because YSRCP MPs were not there, he added.

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