TDP and BJP Aim only for Votes and Seats

Visakhapatnam: YSRCP's president of Visakhapatnam district, Gudiwada Amarnath complained that BJP and TDP were aiming at earning votes and seats rather than working for welfare of people. He attended Chaitanya Patham programme held at Visakhapatnam and spoke on the occasion. He called it shameful of the Governments for deceiving people in the matter of special category status. Mentioning that the negligence of the Governments was forcing them to fight, he remarked that the world's largest democracy, India, the PM's words held no importance, leaving people confused. He criticised Chandrababu for watering down the issue of special category status, being in the responsible position of the CM of the state. He specified that they would continue to fight for achieving the special status and the special railway zone which were the right of the people of AP.

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