Students' Future Disregarded At The Cost Of Babu's Tour

  • Students' future given least importance
  • Examinations postponed to accommodate Babu's visit
  • Orders to declare day off
  • School buses used for transporting people
  • Criticism against the behaviour of the Government and its officials

West Godavari: CM Chandrababu Naidu is causing trouble to students with his tour. The havoc created by officials of education department every time the CM arrives is too much. Corporate and private schools are being shut down and the buses are being used for transporting people. The school authorities expected there would be an exception this time as it is examination time. Still the officials decided there would be no such thing.

Certain schools in the district were shut down to give way to Babu's tour the exam to be conducted on the day was instructed to be postponed to Sunday. Students' parents condemned the behaviour of the Government and the officials. Manipulating annual examination schedule is attracting negative criticism all over. Education department has issued orders to shut down private and corporate educational institutions in 11 mandals under Eluru, Jangareddy Gudem and Chintalapudi divisions. The orders also mentioned that the buses of those schools were to be handed over to transport department. Examinations to be conducted on Wednesday were ordered to be conducted on Sunday. The officers of education department became furious on the head of an educational institution who had asked for exception in light of annual eaxms. The officers' stating that the CM's tour was more important than the students' exam caused astonishment among the people present there.

It is also heard that the head of another institution came forward saying that they had been providing the buses whenever there was a tour, so they would bear the fuel expenses if RTC buses were used this time. But this plea went unheard. Criticism is growing towards the officials' issuing orders and the Government's disregard to the students' exams and future. In light of existing criticism towards running schools on Sundays, the Government's orders to conduct exams on Sunday is raising eyebrows.

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