Strive for YSR welfare state: Sharmila

Garidepalli (Nalgonda dist), Reiterating that YSR has been in the hearts of millions of  Telugu people with his welfare schemes touching every section of the society, his daughter YS Sharmila has said that it is our turn to reciprocate and keep his ideals afloat to bring in a  “No Chief Minister had ever reached out to the poorer sections as much as YSR did, which is the singular reason that he still lives in their hearts. It is time we keep his ideals afloat and work together to achieve this goal,” she said while addressing a road show as part of the Paramarsa Yatra on Saturday.

It was YSR who has made agriculture a profitable venture and stood on the side of farmers, drafting programs that immensely benefitted them. The loan waiver, 7-hour free power, compensation and other sops made agriculture very remunerative. Through Jalayagnam scheme  he rolled out a green carpet in many arid lands.

The fees reimbursement scheme has benefitted many students who pursed professional courses  and are now holding good jobs. Such a scheme was never in vogue in the State and the credit goes to YSR. 

On medicare front, YSR has introduced Aarogyasri which has brought quality treatment within the reach of the poor benefiting numerous persons and the 108 and 104 ambulance services
have saved many lives, she said. 

While 46 lakh houses were built in the entire country, YSR has built 46 lakhs in the State alone showing his commitment for the uplift of the weaker sections. 

All these, he had done in five years without increasing bus fares, power charges or imposing fresh taxes and he always looked beyond regional, political and other affiliations and he conducted himself as the chief minister of all the Telugu people. 

“It is now our turn to keep his ideals alive and work in that direction,” she said.
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