The State's Benefits Are Being Mortgaged: Nallapareddy

Nellore: YSRCP's general secretary Nallapareddy Prasanna Kumar Reddy complained that Chandrababu had been mortgaging the state's benefits for his selfish means. He suggested that Chandrababu had to give up and move aside accepting his inabilities and that YSRCP would fight under the leadership of the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan for the special status of AP. He informed that YSRCP would support if the Government took up any step in the direction of achieving special status or preventing Telangana's unlawful projects. He spoke to the media at Kota of Nellore District.
Nallapareddy opined that Chandrababu had compromised with PM Narendra Modi and Telangana CM KCR in these two issues. He added that it was apparently Chandrababu who was standing in the way of achieving special status. He complained that corruption and illegal activities reached their peak stage during the last two years of Chandrababu's rule. Narendra Modi was pushing aside Chandrababu, after he had realised his incompetency, remarked Nallapareddy. He complained that CM Chandrababu was behind TDP leaders' statements against BJP. He criticised that Mini Mahanadus had given way to internal disputes. He also complained that minorities had no importance in the state cabinet.
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