Special Status Has To Be Sanctioned

  • Only YSRCP is fighting
    for special status
  • TDP is only pretending
    having no other choice
  • People shall not
    forgive Babu if special status is not given
  • The centre has to keep
    the promises made in the parliament
  • YSRCP MPs demand for
    sanction of special status

New Delhi: YSRCP MP and
parliamentary party leader Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy declared that special
category status was the right of people of AP. He stated that the centre had
the responsibility to realise the promise made in the parliament at the time of
bifurcation. He also remarked that the state Government had the responsibility
of achieving special status for its people. He acclaimed the leader of
opposition of AP and YSRCP president YS Jagan for relentlessly fighting for
special status.

Mekapati mentioned how industrial and employment sectors would be
developed with the grant of special category status. He reminded how students
and their parents were desperately hoping for its sanction, citing the
Yuvabheri programme held at Nellore as an illustration. He reminded how PM
Narendra Modi had mentioned many times during canvassing that special status would
be given for 10 years to AP and suggested that it was not justified for a PM to
deceive people. He cautioned that people would not forgive Chandrababu if
status was not given.

With no other choice…

YSRCP MP Vara Prasad
remarked that there would be no chance of sanction of special status, if not
for the struggles, dharnas and agitations of YSR Congress Party. He specified
that TDP had to finally speak up only due to YSRCP’s forcing. He reminded how
YSRCP had been fighting from the beginning for the cause. He demanded that
special status should be immediately sanctioned for the benefit of the people
of the state.

Looking for lame excuses is not right

MP Butta Renuka
condemned the indifference shown by the central and the state Governments in
spite of YSRCP’s struggles within the state and at New Delhi. She criticised
the centre for not responding in the matter in spite of all the efforts put
forth by YSRCP MPs since 5 days in the parliament. She reminded how the state
had been split into two against the wishes of the people. Now with all the
reasons to sanction the status to the state, the Government was just looking
for lame excuses, she complained. She commented that the Government’s stand was
not being made clear. Renuka questioned how the rules had never objected the
division of the state, but were objecting sanction of the status. She stated
that all they were asking was only to implement the promises made in the
parliament to the state at the time of bifurcation. She reiterated the
importance of special status to do justice to AP.


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