Speaker Kodela Has To Face Sumoto Case

Hyderabad: YSRCP's official spokesman Ambati Rambabu pleaded the election commission to file sumoto case against AP assembly speake Kodela Siva Prasad Rao. He spoke to the media at the party's central office in Hyderabad. Stating that the limit for election expenditure for a candidate of legislative assembly was only Rs.28 lakh, as per the regulations imposed by the election commission, he reminded how speaker Kodela had announced in a recent interview that he had spent Rs.11.5 crore for the recent elections. Ambati opined that Kodela did not deserve to continue as a member of legislative assembly. He suggested that this act deserved to be booked under Sumoto case and action should be taken against him. He stated that the party was ready to submit a complaint if there was any delay in punishing Kodela. Ambati complained that Kodela Siva Prasad and his family had committed a lot of coorrupt activities.

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