Sobha candidature to stay in Allagadda poll fray

Hyderabad, April 28,
2014: Clearing the ambiguity over the poll for Allagadda assembly constituency,
Central Election Commission has clarified that the name of the deceased YSR
Congress Party candidate Sobha Nagi Reddy will be part of the ballots there. 

Disclosing this to
reporters here today, party spokesperson Gattu Ramachandra Rao said Central
Election Commission has clarified in a communication to the party that Sobha
Nagi Reddy’s name will continue to be part of the ballots for elections in

According to the
communication, the votes polled for Sobha Nagi Reddy will not be considered as
NOTA votes, Gattu said. “The commission has further said that if she gets
majority votes among all the candidates, she will be the winner. But a
re-election will be ordered in such an event,” he said.  

Earlier reports said
that Sobha’s name will be removed from the ballot and votes polled for her
despite that will be considered as NOTA votes.  

Gattu said that it
would have been better if the Election Commission had ordered a re-election for
the Allagadda assembly constituency following the death of Sobha Nagi Reddy in
an accident.  

“We would have
appreciated a re-election in this case. However, since her candidature will be
part of the ballots, we are hopeful that the people of Allagadda will give a
majority vote for Sobha Nagi Reddy to express their gratitude for the services
rendered by her,” Gattu said exuding confidence.

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