Sharmila seeks people’s blessings

Sharmila, who is doing Padayatra on  behalf of YSR Congress Party
chief Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy, sought the blessings of
people to ensure that they will have the Rajanna Rajyam in the near future.

Continuing her Maro
Praja Prasthanam Padayatra on the 16th day on Friday in Anantapuram
district, Sharmila listened to the plethora of problems of farmers,
agricultural laborers and women despite the rain and chilly weather.

She told them that
Jagan needed their blessings to form the Rajanna Rajyam in which they would
find quick solutions to their problems.

Sharmila was reacting to the series of complaints and untold stories of
sufferings at impromptu meetings and road-side sittings during the course of
her Padayatra at villages in the Uravakona constituency.“Things will be set
right if Rajanna Rajyam is established and for this purpose, my brother needed
your blessings,” she told them.

People, mostly ground
nut farmers complained they are not getting the subsidy seeds for their fields.
“We used to get at least 50 per cent subsidy on seeds during the YSR regime but
now there is neither power supply nor subsidy seeds. We are also not getting
proper water supply, we don’t know where to go and complaint,” farmers narrated
their suffering.

When Sharmila inquired
about the crop insurance, ground nut farmers told her they used to get crop
insurance to the tune of Rs.12,000 out of an investment of Rs.25,000 per acre
at times of  crop losses during the YSR
regime but they have not  been getting
any insurance in the last two years. 

When she sought the
details of the interest free loan scheme, women told her the scheme is for name
sake and they are repaying with Rs.3 interest. They complained several names
are being deleted from the lists of pensioners and there is not much daily work
also for agricultural laborers.

As of Friday evening on
the 16th day, Sharmila completed a distance of 213.60 km of Maro
Praja Prasthanam as she continued to walk through sporadic rain and muddy

(Updated on Nov 3, 2012)

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