Sharmila to walk 13.1 km on 173rd day

Kakinada, June 8, 2013:
Smt. Y. S. Sharmila, who has so far completed walking a distance of 2278 km as
on 172nd day on Friday, resumed her Maro Praja Prasthanam Padayatra
from Mukkinada in EG district on 173rd day on Saturday.

Pera Ramachandrapuram,
Doppalapudi, Indira Nagar, Anaparthi Devi Chauk and Polamuru Paka villages are
scheduled to be covered during the day’s Padayatra spread over a distance of
13.1 km.

  Y.S. Sharmila addressing people in rain at Tokada in EG District on Friday

She is also scheduled
to address a public meeting at Anaparthi Devi Chauk during the day.

Smt. Sharmila walked
through rain for most part of the 13.5 km on Friday and also interacted with
people at a Rachchabanda at Tokada.

As she walked through
Rajanagaram, Varijela peta, Kanavaram and Tokada villages, women, students and
farmers lined on both sides of the roads in large numbers and received her with
Harathis and welcomed her. Several EG District YSRCP leaders accompanied Smt.
Sharmila during the Padayatra.

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