Shameless Politics of the Corrupt CM

New Delhi: Official spokesman of YSR Congress party, Ambati Rambabu criticised that Chandrababu's Goverment was completely immersed in corruption. In the 2-year tenure of the ruling party Chandrababu could commit corruptive activities of worth Rs.1,36,000 crore, he commented. He complained that the corrupt money thus earned was being utilised to buy opposition MLAs. Projecting light on Chandrababu's unethical activities at national level, a book titled 'Chandrababu-Emperor of Corruption' had been distributed to the leaders of various national parties, informed Ambati. He slammed defection of the party from which one had won and called it unethical and undemocratic.

Ambati condemned the shameless politics being practised by a responsible person like the CM. He stated that YS Jagan and the team of YSRCP leaders had set out to New Delhi in order to expose the corruption and the conspiracies being practised by Chandrababu and his allies. Ambati opined that there was a need for discussion staged at Delhi regarding party defection. He complained that the speaker who was supposed to disqualify the defectors was being indifferent to the whole situation showing favoritism. He specified that anti-defection law was to be consolidated. The law should be amended in such a way that action could be taken against the defectors in stipulated amount of time, thereby giving the problem a permanent solution.
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