Shameless Ministers Of The Shameless Government

Uravakonda: YSRCP's senior leader, Anantha Venkatrami Reddy, mentioned the devastated state of the farmers of Ananthapuram district and stated that the leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president, YS Jagan stood supportive of farmers while CM Chandrababu neglected them. Revealing that the districts of Rayalaseema had severe scarcity of drinking water, he said that it was required for Krishna district to provide drinking water and irrigation water to the districts if Rayalaseema. 
Venkatrami Reddy criticised that Handri-Neeva project had not seen any improvement since Chandrababu had come to power. Recollecting that YSR had initiated Handri-Neeva in 2004 to provide irrigation water to 6 lakh acres and had completed 90% of the work with Rs.4 lakh crore expenditure, he commented that Chandrababu's Government had not given at least a drop of water to Ananthapuram in three years of rule.
Criticising Chandrababu for conspiring to divert Handri-Neeva waters to neighbouring states, he stated that Mahadharna had been taken up to bring pressure on the CM to provide water to the district.
He complained that the Government was trying to water down the fight performed by YS Jagan and expressed concern about farmers owning 15 acres having to migrate to other places to beg for livelihood.
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