Selfishness Always Has A Place Behind Babu's Deeds

Visakhapatnam: YSRCP senior leader and ex.minister Botsa
Satyanarayana sternly questioned for whose benefit the buttermilk supply was
being initiated by the Government while the people of the state were finding it
hard to get a glass of water to drink. Speaking to the media on Thursday, he
complained that Chandrababu’s rule was full with corruption and that Babu did
not have commitment towards special status of the state or Polavaram project.
He questioned Babu if he had called for at least one review meeting with
district officials regarding the problems of drought and drinking water
scarcity being faced by the people. He slammed the decision of distributing
buttermilk packets in the cabinet meeting while people had no water to drink.
He commented that everything Chandrababu did had an intention to benefit
himself or his organisations or his allies. Botsa remarked that just like the
ghee given in ‘Chandranna Kanuka’ for Sankranthi, the buttermilk supply also
was to benefit Chandrababu’s dairy company.

Yellow eagles’ evil eye on Visakhapatnam

commented that Nara Lokesh, the son of Chandrababu and cabinet minister
Venkaiah Naidu had their eye on Visakhapatnam, the city next to Mumbai in
development. He added that they were in a plan of snatching lands in the city.
He reminded that rich people in the past donated lands to come to the aid of
the poor and the orphans through Prema Samaj. But the present Government had
ordered to stop sanctioning these lands to anybody, complained Botsa.

Thanks to the supporters of the protest

expressed his displeasure towards Chandrababu’s not mentioning the protest for
railway zone anywhere. YSR Congress Party would always step forward to fight
against the misdeeds of the Government and to save the Government’s properties,
stated Botsa. He specially thanked all the parties and the people’s
organisations who had supported the indefinite hunger strike taken up by
Gudiwada Amarnath.

Purchase of MLAs like buying cattle in the fair

Satyanarayana condemned the ruling party’s shamelessly buying opposition party
MLAs like cattle in a fair, mocking democracy. He slammed the defector MLAs for
stating that they had migrated to TDP, impressed by the developmental
activities performed by Babu. He commented that the Government was buying those
MLAs with the crores of rupees of money earned from projects and land mafia,
ignoring the problems like drought. He dared the defectors to resign if they
had any honour.

Candlelight Vigil on the

explained that YSRCP would revolt against the anti-people activities of
Chandrababu’s Government. In the senior party leader meeting presided by the leader
of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan, an action plan had been devised for
the fight, revealed Botsa. He mentioned that candlelight vigils would be held at
all the districts’ headquarters in the name ‘Save Democracy’ on the 23rd
of this month in view of saving democracy. He also informed that a peace rally
would be held from the statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Visakhapatnam to the statue
of Dr.BR Ambedkar in order to raise awareness among people about the dark side
of the Government. On the 2nd of May, protests would be held with
empty water pots in all mandals of the state against the Government’s failure
in fighting drought, Botsa mentioned. He called for all the activists of the
party as well as people to make these activities a success. 


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