Sand Mafia encouraged by Chandrababu

Hyderabad: The Ex-Minister, Parthasaradhi finger pointed the mistake made
by the CM Chandrababu Naidu as the CM was supporting the attack on the Lady
Tahsildar.  He said that, this incident makes it clear that Chandrababu
Naidu plays a Key role in the Sand Mafia, addressing the media in the Party
office in Hyderabad.  He mentioned that, the way Chandrababu Naidu is
behaving is making the democratic state to feel down with Shy. The CM
Chandrababu himself, is making hell lot of trails to dilute the case raised by
Vanajakshi. Babu had not bothered about the incident anyway when the MLA
Chintamaneni Prabhakar has assaulted the lady officer Vanajakshi. “If this is
the way the CM is involved in settlements, how can the Government officials work”
Questioned Parthasaradhi. He also reminded that the YSRCP MLA Bhuma Nagi Reddy
has been arrested on a wrong case while Babu is supporting his party MLA which
is not right said Prabhakar.

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