Same Bragging for Three Years

  • Governor's address strikes the same chord again
  • Every speech is full of the Government's praise
  • Same jargons being used every year
AP assembly: Appealing to the Government of AP to not suppress the voice of the opposition at least in the new assembly building, the leader of opposition and YSRCP president, YS Jagan, spoke on the motion of thanks on the governor's address. Here is what he spoke.

I hope that the new assembly building retains the respect and value that it deserves. Thanking the governor's speech, I want to speak on the points mentioned in it. For the last three years, the governor's speech seems to contain the same points. He seems to be speaking whatever the CM has written and not what he means.

His speeches repeatedly mentioned the development achieved by the Government in very less time. It has become customary to brag about the Government, mentioning jargon words. The opposition is speaking on behalf of people on their problems. It is our responsibility to discuss what the Government is bragging.

I pray to God that the ruling party leaders get the patience to listen to what the opposition party has to say without cutting access to the microphone once in every minute, at least in the new building.

We all know in what kind of situations the state split into two. In spite of it, the Government is saying things like growth rate of 10.99% in 2015-16 and boasting about the rarity of it. It is claiming that in 2016–2017, they surpassed it and achieved 12.23% rate, even if the developed city of Hyderabad had been separated from us.

India has 29 states and 7 union territories. Growth rate should be calculated, taking agricultural, industrial and service sectors in the state together. The whole country's growth rate was shown as 7.55%. AP Government showed its growth rate to be 3.42% more than India's. Now it is being projected to be 5% more than the whole country's. Tamilnadu along with Chennai showed a rate of 8.79%, Karnataka along with Bengaluru showed it as 6.20%. Maharashtra reported its growth rate as 8% and Gujarat as 7.7%.

If it is true that the growth rate of AP under Chandrababu's rule is 10.99%, only Chandrababu should know the success secret.
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