Sacrificing Public future for the extravagancy of Chandrababu

The extravagancy of Chief Minister Chandrababu is becoming a curse to the people of the state. The future of the public is in darkness with his exuberant lavish expenses and show off.

The expenses of the state increased manifold after his coming to power breaking all the barricades. Every now and then groups together fly to foreign countries in special aircrafts, offices in Hyderabad, residences in Vijayawada, convoys like this the expenses have increased uncontrollably. All this started with his swearing in ceremony which was quite grandly organized, he continued the same extravagancy in everything. To get nation-wide fame, Rs.1600 crores was spent on Godavari Pushkaras trying to drag the attention of the entire nation. In that episode 29 people have lost their loves falling victim to his cinema craziness. So to reinstate and recover the damage to his reputation he spent Rs.400 crores on Amaravati event squandering money. Along with this lavishness, he is also giving away several project works to the yellow brothers on nomination method. Totally the financial situation of the state is becoming a giant heap of debts.

Currently the state is getting Rs.5000 crores revenue every month but every month expenses were least to least Rs.7000 crores which means that the state is running on a Rs.2000 crore deficit budget every month. Instead of turning around the situation Chandrababu is wasting money on unnecessary foolish things. This deficit budget is gradually increasing day by day with new debts to settle older ones and to pay interests borrowing at higher rate of interests. The future of the state is fading away in front of our eyes with his extravagancy and foolishness.

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